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RYA Small Craft First Aid course


The RYA Small Craft First Aid course and Health and Safety at Sea are both designed to teach skippers and crew members what to do in the event of a situation requiring medical knowledge or intervention arising at sea.

Instruction is designed to equip students to deliver essential and emergency first aid for yachtsmen sailing within sixty miles of a safe haven. The course covers a wide range of eventualities and ailments, from the minor (headaches, sunburn, small lesions) to the more serious (hypothermia, first care of man overboard victims, resuscitation).

The RYA-qualified instructor will explain the procedures for obtaining outside medical assistance such as the ‘pan pan medico’ distress call and the helicopter service. The instructor will also advise as to the correct first aid kit that should be carried on board the student’s own boat.

This course covers many of the situations that a yachtsman may encounter at sea and is highly recommended for everyone who sails.

Where to take this course with Sunsail

Portsmouth, UK

Why take this course with Sunsail?

The Sunsail RYA Small Craft First Aid course is designed to teach you exactly what to do in possible medical situations a yachtsman may encounter on board. You are not always going to be able to get to a safe haven immediately while at sea, so this course could help you to deal with an emergency or life-threatening situation.

There is particular emphasis on resuscitation techniques, including how to treat a patient with hypothermia and the first care of a man overboard victim, although the course will also cover headaches, sunburn, small lesions and more.

Your experienced and fully qualified instructor will explain the procedure for obtaining outside medical assistance, such as pan pan medico and the helicopter service, and will advise you on the correct first aid stores for your own boat. This course is a must for all who sail and is a prerequisite for the Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore exams.

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26th February 2018

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