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Belize Catamaran Charters

Belize Catamaran Charters

See a different side of Caribbean on a Caribbean catamaran charter. Bordered by Guatamala and Mexico, Belize boasts 240 miles of coastline and offers sailing grounds like the South Pacific. Mostly uninhabited, the islands and cayes offer some of the best waters in the world for swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking or sunbathing on the white-sand beaches. The Belize Barrier Reef is just offshore and is designated as a protected World Heritage Site. Only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is larger than this Belizean reef. The protective barrier reefs nestle the colourful fish and marine life. On day three of our recommended 7-day itinerary for a catamaran charter in Belize, you’ll proceed to the barrier reef from the north side near South Water Caye.

Before you get to the reef, you will sail from our base in Placencia to Whipray Caye on day one. Anchor for the night and indulge in a variety of Belizean and American food onshore. On day two, you’ll sail north from Whipray Caye to Hideaway Caye, which offers great snorkelling opportunities. On day three, you will head to the northernmost point of the general sailing area. Head to the east side of South Water Caye where the reef drops off close to the beach. Here you will find an ideal location for snorkelling and diving. On day four, visit the exclusive Thatch Caye Resort on Cocoa Plum Caye. You will find a restaurant and two bars at this beachside resort. Pick a mooring on the western or eastern side of the caye and enjoy a spectacular sunset dinner and cheers to a few great days on the water. Continue south on day five until you reach the deep waters around Lagoon Caye. Home to the premier Hatchet Caye Resort, Hatchet Caye offers all the desirable traits of a deluxe private island – including a spa. The fifth day of the itinerary gives you the opportunity to experience a new level of seclusion and leisure. Before returning to Placencia harbour on the last day, you will overnight in Lark Caye. Spend another day snorkelling, diving and fishing in these fantastic Belizean waters.

A formal licence is mandatory to charter a catamaran in Belize. Review our bareboat charter requirements for Belize.

Catamarans in Belize

A bespoke catamaran charter in Belize allows you and your loved ones to immerse yourselves in a secluded, laid-back paradise. To start planning your catamaran charter in Belize, get a quote online below or contact a Holiday Planner when you’re ready to set sail.