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Sustainable Sailing Tips

As passionate sailors, we want to look after the beautiful oceans and wildlife. Here are a few tips on how to be more sustainable when sailing:

Sustainable sailing tips


There’s lots you can do to protect the environment. Perfect your sailing skills and minimise your time on motor. Avoid throwing anything in the water and try to use eco-friendly washing products, to protect the marine life. Anchor in a safe spot preventing damage to the reef, and when you come in to shore,  shop locally where possible and avoid packaging and plastic. Find the fantastic local markets for fresh produce and refill your water bottles at our refill stations found on most bases. It’s all about the little things, which collectively make a huge difference; turn lights off, take short showers, reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve provided a lovely blue bag for recycling, which can be dropped into the marina recycling bin at the end of your holiday. Join us in making a difference.