Flotilla Host - Q & A with Charlie Markwick

“I'm the face of the flotilla. I love meeting new customers every week and making their Flotilla a holiday to remember”

Flotilla Host - Charlie Markwick Working as a Flotilla Host Q&A with Charlie Markwick

Can you tell us what an average day working as flotilla host looks like?

First thing in the morning we meet the flotilla guests as a group usually in a local taverna which they guests have breakfast or coffee in.  Together the flotilla skipper and I deliver a full briefing of the day ahead including details on the day’s passage plan, weather, and safety updates.  We will talk through where our guests can stop for lunch and then advise what time we will meet at the next port and instructions for mooring.  My job will be to advise the guests of the plan for the evening entertainment whether it be a punch party, group meal, or barbecue.  I will answer any questions the customers have at the end of the briefing. Once we have slipped our guests lines and seen them off safely, we will then make our own way to the next port. If we are lucky we will be able to drop our anchor on the way and have a quick swim and relax before the evenings work. Once safely moored up, I will go and see the taverna owners and advise on numbers for the group meal. I will then assist the skipper in mooring up the boats and give guests a full run down of the local area, the plan for the evening and advise them on any queries they may have, whilst making sure they don’t have any problems with their yachts or any other issues.  If there are any technical issues I will pass this over to the skipper or technician to fix.  My job is to make sure our customers holiday is going as smoothly as possible, and ensure they are having fun. Flotilla is a very social way of sailing and the guests often want to spend time getting to know their crew, so I always make sure I am as professional as I can be while I’m representing Sunsail, whilst being fun, approachable, and making them feel at ease. You will get to know your guests well and often feel like you have formed a friendship by the end of the week, most of the time you will be sad to see them leave.  I always remember that while the customers wish to have a drink with us in the evenings, we are at all times responsible for their safety and the yachts safety and we must always have this in mind.  It’s an extremely busy and varied role and you must manage your time well, but if you work hard you will get back so much from this role, it’s extremely addictive and you will make memories which will last forever! 

What is your favourite part of working as a flotilla host?

I enjoy working with a great team of likeminded people as well as meeting a range of different guests.  As a flotilla host, I get great satisfaction knowing I have helped people get the most out of their holiday with Sunsail and I love to see guests from previous years and flotillas that decide to return.

Which part of the role have you found the most challenging?

As exciting and glamorous as the role can be, the work behind the scenes can be challenging.  We have strict deadlines to work to on turnaround days and it can be extremely hard work in 40 degree plus heat. However, once we are back on the water with our boats and a new group of guests, it makes it all worthwhile. 

What kind of clients did you have on your flotillas?

We have a varied range of clients from young groups of friends to families with young children and guests from different nationalities.  It’s exciting getting to know your guests and learning other languages and cultures. 

What skills have you gained from working on flotilla?

I have been able to enhance my sailing knowledge and I am now a much more confident sailor.  Sunsail offers you the chance to do your day skipper qualification and encourages growth within the company which is why I keep returning.

Why would you recommend to others to work on flotilla with Sunsail?

Sunsail offers a professional working environment with very supportive management.  Each team member is valued and encouraged to grow.  We are rewarded well for our hard work over the season.  I am always proud to wear my Sunsail uniform. 

What has your journey with Sunsail looked like so far?

I am about to embark on my third season with Sunsail. I will be returning to Lefkas (2019) having already completed a season in Lefkas (2017) and a season in Agana in Croatia (2018).  

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