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Flotilla roles

Flotilla sailing holidays suit guests who enjoy sociable sailing with a planned-out itinerary, evening activities and the support of having a lead crew present to help when needed. A flotilla is a group of between 8-12 boats that travel together visiting new destinations each day. Whilst the flotilla follows a set itinerary, our guests have the independence to explore knowing that the lead team are close by to provide support, safety, knowledge, and fun. Every day the lead crew will brief the guests on the next destination, weather updates and any must-see spots along the way. They will help the guests cast off in the morning and then sail directly to the next destination so they can be there to help everyone moor up at night. We run flotillas in Italy, Greece and Croatia.

Living and working on the lead boat with your team as part of the flotilla allows you to be part of our customer’s holiday. You will be responsible for the successful running of an exciting and organised itinerary exploring all that their chosen destination has to offer, from the history to the culture and food. From daily briefings to punch parties and regattas; flotillas bring people together, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our teams are made of four members (skipper, technician, host, and kids coordinator) who cover all the necessary skills and experience needed to provide our guests with exceptional holidays. Below is a brief summary of what each role involves:

Flotilla Skipper

They are responsible for the safety and organisation of the flotilla. They hold their RYA Yachtmaster or a local equivalent and will support with the mooring of the yachts on a daily basis. They will run daily briefings for all the guests and give updates on expected weather conditions. They are the leader of the flotilla crew and work closely with their team to offer an amazing flotilla experience. They are always there to talk guests through a tight parking spot or to explain the coming weather system.


Flotilla Technicians
They have a working knowledge of diesel engines, 2 and 4 stroke outboards as well as marine electrics and plumbing. They are there to make sure the boats are maintained to the level we expect at Sunsail. This will include fuel checks, water checks and dealing with any day-to-day issues, preventive maintenance, fixing outboards and general trouble shooting.Our technicians care about our guests and their holidays so you will be expected to interact with them and make sure they feel comfortable coming to you with any maintenance issue they may have!


Flotilla Host
They will provide the social side of the flotilla! From organising group meals to end of week prize giving, the host is there to ensure that the guests are having the best time. They provide information on each destination, including history, recommendations on what to see, where to go and the facilities. The host is always available, providing exceptional customer service and is the smiling face of the flotilla. This is the ultimate supporting role, making sure the team can work to the best of their abilities ensuring the guests are enjoying their holiday and feel part of the flotilla experience! They will get the customers mingling and chatting, organise activities to keep guests entertained such as prize giving’s, cocktails, trips, punch parties, competitions, and group meals. The host is responsible for finding creative solutions to some of the problems you face. Most importantly it’s not one size fits all, each guest is different, not everyone comes for the social side, so they need to tailor it for each individual group.

Kids Coordinators
They are there to organise events tailored to kids to allow parents to have a more relaxing experience. They organise games, activities and competitions for the children throughout the week, encouraging them to interact with each other and make friends. They support the host with event organisation and customer service. All though everyone has their own responsibilities you will all support each other in ensuring guests are having an amazing holiday. By the end of the season, they will be your family, your team will run like a well-oiled machine and helping each other out will be second nature! This is a varied job, where the team will be adapting to the differences each day and exceeding the guests’ expectations every week.

We are looking for individuals who care about the small details, take responsibility for their work, with a strong sense of teamwork and a passion for bringing people together. If you feel you have these qualities, we think you are the right person to exceptional holidays that exceed our guests’ expectations!

To apply for any of these roles please return to the careers page and apply via the flotilla roles section or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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