Book with Confidence

Book With Confidence

Our Promise to You

  • You may change the dates of your new or existing charter, if your trip was interrupted due to qualifying reasons related to COVID-19. *
  • Your window to change the dates of your charter has been reduced from 30 days’ advance notice to 7 days’ notice.
  • You may opt to receive a refund credit for the full charter amount, which will be valid for any departure within 12 months from your original departure date. *
  • You will receive a refund credit if we have to cancel your charter for any reason.
  • You can apply your refund credit toward a charter in any of our worldwide destinations. Travel restrictions may apply.
  • Please note: The Book with Confidence flexible rebooking policy cannot be applied to partner bases, such as: Brazil, Italy, Florida, Whitsundays, Tonga, and Vancouver


*Terms apply. See full Book with Confidence details.


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