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Our specialist flotillas are the best of our usual flotillas with a touch of magic added. Learn to sail, treat yourself to fine dining and wining or dive with whale-sharks on any of our four new specialist flotillas.

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Flotilla School - From Zero to Hero

Haven't learnt your lines? Think that sheets go on the bed? We know that learning how to sail can be pretty intimidating - there's lots of lingo to learn, charts to read, and facts to remember. And who wants to give up their holiday to go back to school? Well, with our Flotilla Starter and Flotilla Hero courses you can take a holiday and gain a sailing certificate at the same time - and with the kids able to learn along with you, you'll have plenty of help!


Exclusively Adults - Our Flotillas are all Grown Up

It's not that we don't love kids here at Sunsail - we do, honestly! - but you got to admit that sometimes it's just nice to get away and have some time to yourself. Sharing a glass of wine, great conversation over dinner, and not having to worry about bed time. Our Exclusively Adults Flotillas have all the usual perks of a Flotilla holiday, and with just other grown-ups you're free to let your hair down and chill out - or hit the club, if that's where the fun is at!

Belize Whale-Shark - Sail with Sunsail, dive with giants

You'd think that being able to sail in Belize would be enough - after all, this is a place with rainforests, reefs, jaguars, parrots and a submarine sinkhole visible from space. But we've decided that this April you should get out and meet the giants of the ocean. Accompanied by a diving master, you'll sail out into beautiful blue waters to dive with the magnificent whale-sharks that call this area home during the spring full moon.

Wine and Culinary - A taste of the Med

The most delicious of all our holidays. Get a taste of the Med aboard our Wine and Culinary Flotillas setting sail from Procida, Italy and Agana, Croatia in 2016. Sample mozzarella, pizza, 'nduja and hearty Italian reds as you cruise the chilled out Amalfi coast or lively Calabrian islands, or discover Croatia's 2000 year old vineyards complimented by Croatia's mixed food heritage, from Mediterranean style seafood to Balkan stews. And sailing is the perfect way to work off a meal!

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