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Meet Team Sunsail. As Skippers, Engineers and Hosts, they devote their careers to making sure you have an incredible holiday and love working for Sunsail.

We caught up with Gaël, Amy and Sam to find out why they love being part of Team Sunsail.



Gaël Mach

Athens base, Skipper and Flotilla Leader

How did you get into sailing?

I’ve been doing it pretty much since I could walk! I started out dinghy sailing at the age of 4, and I joined my Dad (who’s an Inspector for the RYA) on a yacht delivery at 11 and then went on to earn my Yacht Master around Gibraltar in 2009. I’m now a skipper and qualified cruising instructor for Sunsail.

How long have you been with Sunsail?

I’ve worked for Sunsail for six years in both the Ionian and Saronic.

What do you think is the best sailing ground?

Well, I have to say Greece! It keeps me coming back, and the Saronic is the best if you’re looking for a real sailing experience.

Best part of being a Skipper

Getting to meet new people and see new places.

Any recommendations for anyone heading to Athens?

If you head to the amphitheatre of Epidavros make sure you get there bright and early – pay 40 Euros and your taxi will take you up there and wait while you explore for an hour. This means that if you time it right you can take a look around by yourself (and test out the amazing acoustics!) and then leave just as the tour buses arrive.

There’s a lot to do around Athens, and anyone on the Saronic flotilla can go swimming around the base of Cape Sounion and snorkel over the sunken city by Epidavros.

Best story from your time with Sunsail?

It started on a coin toss – in April 2011 I lost the bet to take a skippered charter out and ended up gaining a family from Germany. Since then I’ve been their skipper three times, and even attended their daughter’s wedding in Langenlonsheim, Germany in 2015.

Best part of Athens base?

It’s hard to beat the 24 hour bakery on site!


Amy Hazlehurst

Turgutreis South Flotilla Host, future BVI and Agana Host!

How long have you been a Sunsail Host?

6 months! With 1 season in Turgutreis under my belt I’m now heading out again to the BVI.

How did you get into sailing?

You could say I’ve come full circle, my first sailing holiday was on a flotilla. I went to university to study Politics and then remembered how I used to look at the Hosts as a kid and desperately wanted to be them when I grew up. So I did!

Your favourite sailing area?

All of it! Every place had somewhere different, whether it was great people, views or scenery. But my personal favourites were Çökertme and Seven Islands. You can stop by Seven Islands on your free sailing day, and I completely recommend it! It’s a small bay with a completely self-sustainable restaurant – they grow their own food, there’s a water taxi from your mooring to the restaurant and turtles hang out in the lagoon!

What do you enjoy about being a Host?

Well, meeting new people is the obvious answer isn’t it? But the best moment so far has been a 10 year old boy on one of my flotillas telling me he had the best night of his life after seeing the Milky Way the first time.

Best part of a flotilla?

I love the end-of-week prize giving, it really helps to end the flotilla on a high. While I was out there I also created a murder mystery for the flotilla crews to play – you’d be amazed at how seriously some of the customers took it!

So you’ve been bitten by the sailing bug?

Well, I’ve signed up for 3 more seasons, so I can safely say – yes!

Any particular favourites of the fleet?

The Sunsail 41s, they’re so intuitively designed, and use every inch of space available. We also had a 51 at the base which was a great-looking boat as well.

Looking forward to the BVI?

Who wouldn’t!? It’s got everything, great views, sand and sea. I also got my Day Skipper from the Sunsail school in Port Solent, so I’m looking forward to getting more involved in sailing the yacht.


Sam Powell

Engineer, Turkey and Thailand

How did you get to being an Engineer?

I grew up by the sea in Cornwall, and I’ve been sailing since I was 12. I studied Marine Engineering at college and went straight to Sunsail after I graduated.

Where have you sailed before?

I’ve been an Engineer for 2 years in Greece and I spent last year in Göcek, on the Loryma Flotilla. I’m headed to Thailand next.

Best sailing grounds?

Greece is great for sailing, and all the islands are so different from each other so you’ll never get bored exploring the area.

Best part of a Flotilla?

Being thanked for making their holiday great! Loads of our customers have plenty of experience and could go solo on a bareboat charter if they wanted to, but they keep coming back to Flotilla for a reason.

Any particular favourites of the fleet?

It’s got to be the Sunsail 47. They’re fantastic to sail, and we got great feedback from sailors about them. My Sunsail 43 lead boat was great too – nice and spacious, which is exactly what you want when you spend a lot of time onboard.

Looking forward to Thailand?

It’s going to be pretty different from the Med. There’ll be a big change in scenery and culture, and unlike Turkey and Greece it’s tidal, so the sailing will be pretty different. I’m looking forward to it though! It’s so far from home it’ll really feel like I’m getting away from western civilisation out there.

If you had a choice, where would you sail?

I like the look of the Whitsundays, but I’d be up for doing some extreme sailing in the Arctic Circle as well!

Strangest thing about your base?

More of a really strange coincidence, but there was a Sunsail 41 in Greece registered to the same town I’m from in Cornwall.

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