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Seychelles Yacht Charter


The Seychelles are often called paradise on earth and for good reason – with porcelain white beaches, shimmering aquamarine waters and an idyllic way of life, it is hard to conceive of a more perfect sailing holiday destination.

The Eden Island Marina on Mahe, the principal island of the Seychelles archipelago, is the location of Sunsail’s yacht charter base in the Seychelles and offer the perfect starting point for your sailing holiday.

The warm seas of the Seychelles make this an unparalleled choice for water sports aficionados and the reefs of rainbow-coloured fish will enchant divers and even the most jaded of game fishing enthusiasts cannot fail to be impressed.

  • Historic Victoria Town
  • St Anne Marine National Park
  • Open-water passage
  • Island hopping
  • Giant tortoises and rare birds
  • Exquisite beaches
  • Seychelles sailing regatta


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Sailing in Mahe

A Seychelles yacht charter is usually concentrated on the Inner Islands of the archipelago, all of which are located close together, making for short passages between them. These are tidal waters with a range of approximately 5 feet.

From April to October there are predictable winds around the Inner Islands, the wettest months are December to February. Year round, winds range from 5 – 20 knots (5 - 23 mph) and temperatures from 28 to 30 C (82 - 86 F). This is a destination for the more experienced sailors and perfect for skippered charters.

What's included?

To make sure that you get the most out of your Seychelles Yacht Charter, we have equipped all of our yachts with the highest specification to help provide comfort, performance and fun onboard; so all that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your sailing holiday with family and friends.

Mahe Highlights

The stunning natural beauty of these islands – including two UNESCO World Heritage sites - with giant tortoises and birds found nowhere else in the world, making a Seychelles yacht charter the experience of a lifetime.

  • Cerf

    Just a short sail from Mahe, is the naturally elegant island of Cerf. The second largest in the Saint Anne group, it takes its name from the French Frigate ‘Le Cerf’ (the deer), which arrived at Port Victoria in the mid 18th century accompanied by the French expedition, which later claimed the island the name of France.

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  • La Digue

    With palm fringed beaches decorated by towering granite rocks and colourful coral reefs sparkling in the clear turquoise waters, La Digue is considered to be the most quintessential and beautiful of all the islands in the Seychelles archipelago, and a must see stop on your yacht charter.

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  • Vallee de Mai Praslin

    Vallee de Mai is a designated World Heritage Site located at the heart of the idyllic tropical island of Praslin. Apart from the rare plant and wildlife found within this hidden palm forest, there lays its most famous discovery, the rare ‘Coco de Mer’. Surrounded in myth and legend this majestic palm was once believed to have grown in the depths of the sea.

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