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Meet the Team

There are over 400 Sunsail people dedicated to making your holiday unforgettable, from our Holiday Planners at home to our base staff abroad. We’d like to introduce you to some of the people you’ll meet along the way, from booking your holiday to when you first step onto your yacht and sail into the horizon.

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Adam McIntosh - Flotilla Skipper, Göcek, Turkey

When did you start working with Sunsail?

Summer 2014 was my first season with Sunsail.

What is your average day on a Flotilla like?

My day starts with meeting all the Flotilla as a group and going through the briefing for the day - covering destination information, weather, mooring advice etc. I always aim to be the last out and first in so after helping everyone out I have to race the Flotilla to the destination if they are going straight there. After I get in I listen to the VHF and start assisting everyone into the mooring for the night. After all the boats are in and the Host has explained the local area and what to do and the Engineers has checked any issues, we all get ready for a big group meal.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the relationship I've built with the locals. Turkish people are by far the nicest people I’ve ever met and worked with - they always want to help, get involved and be your friend. I always look forward to seeing them again.

Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to Göcek go?

I was skipper of the Kas Flotilla, and when we got to our furthest point at Ucagiz I would always recommend Gokkaya Limani bay. It just ticks all the boxes – it’s a great holding for anchors and there are fresh-water springs, turtles, crystal clear water, an amazing cave and a hidden pirate bar called Smuggler's Inn. The owner does water sports and goes around the boats to see if guests wanted picking up in the evening for dinner. The restaurant is very basic but everything on the menu always tastes great!

Your favourite place on your Flotilla route?

The bay of Göcek. The wind is always perfect there, sailing is great, and there are loads of bays to pop into and plenty to see – it’s a great place to start and end a Flotilla.


Petra Karamako - Flotilla Host, Dubrovnik, Croatia

When did you start working with Sunsail?

I started working with Sunsail in April 2013.

What is your average day on a Flotilla like?

Over coffee in the morning I prepare everything for the daily briefing, checking the weather forecast with the Skipper and preparing menus if there is a group meal in the evening. After the briefing, I check that the guests have everything they need and collect menus before we set off. We wait for all the guests to leave the port, before we go as well. Usually, time spent travelling is our free time, so we can take a nap, cook, sunbathe or have a swim while we wait for the Flotilla. We arrive first, and when the guests arrive I point out the restaurant and any shops, bakeries and ATMs in the area. At the restaurant I welcome the guests and we all enjoy the evening together with good food and wine.

What’s the best part of your job?

Meeting new people! In the two seasons I’ve done I have met a lot of people, and some of them have become my friends and we’re still in contact over Facebook or email. I love the lifestyle (enjoying the sun for six months on a yacht!) and improving as a person and expanding my horizons.

Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to Dubrovnik go?

Visit stunning Dubrovnik's old town and take a walk on the city walls. But after that, take a boat and visit the small island of Lokrum, a special reserve of forest under the protection of UNESCO, and enjoy the view of the Dubrovnik city walls from the waterside.

Your favourite place in Croatia?

My favourite place is the village of Polače on Mljet Island, part of a national park. There, I have become friends with many people that I work with and they definitely make me and my guests feel welcome when we arrive. It's a typical Mediterranean village, but it has a certain magic and it feels like home to me.


Mitchelle Claxton - Customer Service, Tortola, BVI

When did you start working with Sunsail?

8th May 2000.

What does your average day look like?

Very busy! Service it very important to me so I help in everything needed.

What’s the best part of your job?

Helping customers with any challenges they may have; getting to meet and greet lots of different people. I love welcoming back repeat customers as it tells me they had a wonderful experience last time.

Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to the BVI go?

Peter or Norman Island are good because of the short distance from the base. There is a beautiful beach on Peter Island as a nice getaway spot. Sandy Spit by beautiful Jost van Dyke is another must see.

Your favourite place in the BVI?

Cane Garden Bay for the beach area and swimming. But I also love Leverick Bay and Foxy’s on Jost van Dyke for relaxing moments.


Ricky Pitchford - Holiday Planner, Surbiton, UK

When did you start working with Sunsail?

I have been a part of the Sunsail team since June 2014.

What does your average day look like?

On an average day (although no day is the same at Sunsail!), I follow up my emails with customers, answering any queries or requests, ensuring each and every customer receives great customer service. After that I log into my phone and begin the best part of my day - finding my customers exciting and unforgettable sailing holidays! No customer is the same and I love hearing about all their past sailing experiences, from snorkelling around exotic coral reefs in Belize to exploring ancient ruins in Greece.

What’s the best part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is planning holidays! I love travelling and have been lucky enough to visit many exciting places around the world, using this experience I can share my knowledge and recommendations to help plan the perfect holiday.

Where would you recommend a first-time sailor go?

The British Virgin Islands is a good shout for first timers, the protected Caribbean waters and consistent trade winds make it easy sailing and the line-of-sight sailing make island hopping a breeze! If you were looking for something a little closer to home, the southern Ionian offers calm waters, great weather and various flotilla routes to suit all levels of sailors.

Your favourite sailing area?

Croatia is a favourite of mine, more specifically our base in Dubrovnik. The staff there are brilliant and some of the friendliest you’ll meet! The island of Korčula is a must-see, a medieval walled city with lots of shops and restaurants. You can pay to climb the city’s bell tower which you should definitely do – the views are amazing! A hidden little gem in these waters is Kobas Bay; here you’ll find Luka’s Tavern, a restaurant offering traditional Croatian cuisine. There's an excellent menu but I recommend asking Luka what fresh-out-the-sea surprises he has in store.